Borg Vs McEnroe – Love all!

My dream would be to watch a movie every night, but then there comes a time when you watch a movie like, Borg vs McEnroe, that makes you want to relive the moments a few more times before you head to your next adventure.

The movie starts off slowly. But that’s when you realise how Borg and McEnroe share a similar childhood. Their insecurities, their anger issues, the pressure all stems from a line of parenting that involved pushing your child to any limit to get the best out of him.

Borg was blessed with a coach that showed him how to streamline his anger in the right direction. “Promise me one thing” said Lennart, “Never show a single bloody emotion ever again. All that rage, fear and panic you feel inside, load it into every stroke, every single back hand, every single forehand. Do you understand?” And that’s how the world got it’s ICE BORG! What a scene!

Bjorn Borg

McEnroe was a whiz kid, but that didnt seem to be enough for McEnroe’s parents. John’s mother was cutting his hair short, which you could clearly see he wasn’t enjoying. Almost felt like she was punishing him and then comes the conversation, “What happened in that geography test?” she asked.

“I got 96 out of a 100”

“What happened to the other 4?”

“I got the top of my class”

“How many kids in your class, John?”


“The real world outside of school is a lot bigger than 30 people, right? Tennis making you lose focus?”

What a scene!! He was all of 12 or 13.


The movie has such monumental, epic scenes, you no longer wonder about why they behaved the way they did on the court. McEnroe’s tantrums, Borg being calm and the crowd going ballistic!

The casting was impeccable. Sverrir Gudnason as Borg and Shia Le Beouf as McEnroe couldn’t have been better. They looked the part, they felt the part, they played the part.

Borg vs mcenroe

You will relive this epic match between McEnroe and Borg in 1980 (Wimbledon finals) in the last 20 minutes of the film. It was considered as the greatest match ever played, until 10 years ago when Federer and Nadal battled it out on court at Wimbledon in 2008! The silent screen of the two sitting in anticipation of the match has got to be one of the most powerful scenes in cinema. You can feel the tension, I know, I was at the edge of my seat!

borg mcenroe 1

Borg and McEnroe’s friendship and on court rivalry is historic, but what this film captures is the essence of their characters. We called them eccentrics, but the kind of pressure these guys went through is unthinkable, showcased beautifully in this film!

Catch it on Netflix, today!


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