Raazi – finally, a patriotic film that doesn’t scream for your attention

Started my weekend with the story of Sehmat, the lady that lived to tell her tale of how she saved our nation. Inspiring? Very!


The film, as we all know by now, is the story of an Indian Kashmiri girl who marries a Pakistani Army officer to get crucial details of their strategies during the 1971 Indo – Pak war.

What you don’t know is, the trials and tribulations of this young woman who just followed her father’s orders and passion for the country. If you’re coming to watch a patriotic film, Raazi Delivers. If you’re coming to watch a Spy thriller, Raazi Delivers. If you’re coming to watch Alia in action, Raazi delivers.

The good – The story in itself is impressive. Even if you heard it in narration you’d be engrossed, so no points for guessing that it’s an engaging tale. The music of the film is so good and so 70’s, it’s as impressive as the plot. The casting of the film was amaze! Vicky Kaushal as the understanding husband, Rajit Kapoor as the father torn between his country and family, Jaideep Ahlawat as the mentor and of course, the protagonist, Alia Bhatt as Sehmat. She carries the entire film solely on her able shoulders and also has her patent climax monologue \ breakdown scene. You know the typical meltdowns in “Highway”, “Udta Punjab” and even “Dear Zindagi”. Anyway, I wait for Alia’s movies just for those scenes.


The Bad – The wasted starcast – Sanjay Suri, Amruta Khanwilkar. Soni Razdan are great actors, but I felt like they were being misused in the film. Every time they came on screen, I felt like they’ll have more to do, but unfortunately, their characters didn’t have much to offer. Sanjay Suri, was just used to stand in line on a ship, he didn’t even have to have an expression, forget dialogue.

The Ugly – The film fails to leave a long lasting impression. I went in with some great expectations, came out feeling meh. Its a great story, it’s a must watch. Its a coming of age patriotic film, but I think Meghna Gulzar to avoid diluting the story, didn’t play around with it much. Several Loopholes, which I’m sure you’ve read in other reviews about how Sehmat could have gotten caught but didn’t, also the whole explanation about why an Indian girl married a Pakistani – even though, they mentioned that Sehmat needs to come up with an explanation – but we never get to know why?

So, just, bits of the film that leave you unsettled. But, otherwise, I think it’s a great attempt, I’m glad I watched this film and while we may forget the movie, we will never forget Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s contribution to the immense Bollywood patriotic song play list

“Ae Watan Watan Mere Abaad Rahe tu,

Main Jahaan rahu, Jahaa mein yaad rahe tu!”

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