LMAO – The Boss

The Comedy genre, in movies, seems to be dominated by men. Women do get a chance in Hollywood – Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate and many more have tried, but eventually they all just end up being Rom-Coms, atleast most of them. (Dont Judge me! and Yes! I Have heard of Nicole Holofcener!)

But, I mean Jack Black has a line of movies that is just over and above the regular love stuff. Adam Sandler, too, is doing a lot more than just romance, now. And I, as a lady movie watcher, crave to see a woman do a movie that isn’t about the romance.

So when I saw, The Boss, when it released on Netflix India  I was over the moon to see Melissa McCarthy write this genuinely, hilarious comedy! The movie stars, another one of my favorites, Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Good Place) and also Peter Dinklage (The Imp, Game Of Thrones).

The story is about a girl who moved from foster home to foster home and finally concludes that “Family is for Suckers!”. She grows up to becomes one of the richest ladies in America and has also lost all sense of reality and people around her. She gets imprisoned for insider trading and when she’s released in 4 months, she’s realises she doesnt own anything, anymore. Kristen Bell, who used to be her assistant, is the only person she knows and looks to her, for support.


What follows after, is a host of funny, hilarious and riot-worthy comedy! Melissa McCarthy’s business advice, as Michelle Darnell, is quirky and wacky!

boss 21.jpg

The writing is hilarious, the character sketches are on point and the support cast is just phenomenal! This film has some amazing, fun and memorable moments that will make you LOL even when you think  of the scene.

boss 3

It doesn’t feature on the ‘most popular’ browse of Netflix, I recommend you give this movie your time, it’s worth it! It released in 2016 and I’m disappointed about watching it so late. But better late than never!

Go Girl Power!

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