Burger… The king seems to be loosing it’s charm!

I’ve been craving burgers from Burger (King) for a while now.

I remember, my bestie had introduced this place to me in 2001. I had ordered the mini chicken burger then and It’s been 17 years now, I always order it on every visit!


This time, I went along with my Foodie Mate, Bacon Baba. Our order:

  • Jumbo Chicken Burger
  • Sausage Surprise
  • Sea burger
  • Mini Chicken Burger
  • Fries

All the burgers were just as awesome as they used to be. The Sausage Surprise was a tad crumbly, the bread.

I was severely disappointed to see the steak burger (The Beef one, The Original) off the menu. They had cheese sticks on the menu – Something I had seen years ago, but they discontinued, but they had it on the menu again. Although when we ordered for it, they said it got over. Anyway, I’m just glad they brought it back, it’s quite amaze!

Go For It! You Can’t be in camp and not come to good ol’ Burger (King).

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