Saath Art, No?

The role of Visual Art in my life has been restricted to just watching movies (If you consider that art) or maybe, those coloring books meant for adults. I haven’t actually ever been to an art gallery voluntarily, except of course, the Louvre! But we all know, it’s just one of those things you tick off, when you visit Paris.

So when I got invited for one of TIFA’s events #PrakalpPune I had no clue what to expect. All I knew was, i wanted to do something different on a Saturday evening. Boy! was I in for a surprise.

#PrakalpPune is an event curated by Nachiket Prakash, a city based artist. It is basically, a project on Pune and it’s people. Various artists interpret their love, my love, Pune through their art.

Here are a few, that bowled me over:

  1. Arti Kirloskar: She’s captured the essence of Kushti in Pune. Pune has a very important Akahara of the country, Chinchechi Taalim. Yes! I learnt about it, a few months ago and now that i know of it, I suddenly see it everywhere. Pune’s Kushti heritage is still very strong and thriving and Arti’s amaze moving stills on a 3D board have brilliantly showcased this sport.


Compare the top and the bottom image and you’ll know why i just couldn’t get over this piece of work. Also the way these boards were placed on the Red Sand from the Akahada and a screen between these two, showcasing the sport was fantastic!

2. Snehal Chordia Goyal: Snehal has been a part of the world of Art for a long time. A mother of a cute 2 and a half year old, Snehal dabbles in print making and recreates art on Rice Paper. At #PrakalpPune Snehal showcases different facets of Pune on her art.

The image on the left is Snehal’s art on Japanese rice paper and the horrible, horrible image I clicked on the right, is a plastic sheet with a laser cut print design on it, which has its shadows on one of the walls at TIFA. It actually looks fantastic, you can get a better look at it, on my insta story! 🙂

3. Pranav Talwelkar: Pranav is a fashion designer and dreams of starting a fashion revolution in Pune, much like his idol, Gabrielle Chanel did in her time. For #PrakalpPune he brings back the dying fabric of Khan to Pune. Not many women use this fabric anymore, but way back in time, it was a sign of royalty.


Pranav’s 3D installation showcases the fabric in all it’s glory.

4. Alijan Sheikh: Of all the years spent at school, I never thought of using the chalk to create art. But you know what they say, “This generation of kids is way ahead of it’s time!”. Alijan Sheikh is all of 19 and masters Chalk Sculpture.

The image on the left is me checking these miniature sculptures out with a mini magnifying glass and the image on the right is a close up of the art. The most amazing thing about this is that it is so interactive and fun! Must go for this, there’s a mini Lokmanya Tilak there too.

5. Shahid Khan: Shahid is a photographer and has a photo story on the some of the art in the city that doesn’t get what it deserves – Acknowledgement! for #PrakalpPune he showcased 3 artisans in the city that live a very difficult life, yet find pride and joy in their art that needs some attention and money, for sure!


His pictures take us through the lives of a potter, a cane basket weaver and a copper smith.

6. Tanvi Bhadre – One of my biggest regrets will be not photographing this girl’s work. It was sincere, cute, romantic and diligent. Tanvi is a photographer and for #PrakalpPune she showcases some amazing pictures of pune, along with some heartfelt letters from our charming old Puna to the dashing, new, modern Pune. I got so engrossed with reading these, that I almost forgot I wanted to feature this girl on  my blog! But you must go and check it out.

#PrakalpPune is a culmination of some of our city based artists showcasing how they fantasize Pune and the walk through TIFA was engrossing, involving and super enlightening. A man that definitely deserves a pat on his back is, Nachiket Prakash.  You need to visit TIFA, on station road, opposite Vijay Sales, before 27th January, 2019, between 2pm – 7pm.

Well, we all indulge in some form of art – TV soaps, Movies, Dance, Music – hum hameshaa saath hai art ke, no?

P.S. ignore the cheese, go see the real cheez!

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