6 Reasons why Arbour, Pune should be your next meal location.

Pune witnessed a brand new launch of a place that promises to be your Breakfast Buddy, Lunch Date companion, Tea time laugh BFF and even, your candle light romance Beau!

Arbour, Pune, tucked away in the by lanes of Kalyani Nagar is a place you can count on for all your meal time revelries. Here’s 6 reasons why I think, you should have your next meal at Arbour.

  1. Sit out under the trees – The outside seating is so calming and pretty. You’re sitting under the trees to enjoy a meal. The seating is nice and you feel like you’re on a picnic. You can go with a loved one or with the entire family and enjoy a charming waffle breakfast.


2. Warm and Friendly Service – The people at Arbour are eager to please. Supremely nice, always willing to make recommended changes in your dish and special mention to the Bartender for whipping up potent cocktails, that go down really smoothly. They have thought about every aspect of hygiene and cleanliness including the restrooms.


3. The Handicraft Gift Shop – This is something i have always wanted at a fancy do. Most times, it’s always an occasion and because of our current lives we’re constantly racing against time to get work done. The Handicraft shop at Arbour, has some amazing gifting options, as well as, super home decor stuff. Price range starts from as little as 175 bucks and can go up to a couple of lakhs, with their carpets.

4. The Bar Bites – From Pork Belly to beef sliders, from Korea to Kashmir, this place serves the best of everything. My favourites are the Soy Maple Ginger tossed Pork Belly, Korean Bulgogi Beef Sliders and the Bang Bang Broccoli.

5. Cocktails – I tried the Arbour Slide, Marry Whiskey and the Herbal Desire. All 3 cocktails were super tasty and while they seemed like they were little low on the alcohol, the bartender assured us that there was enough and the overpowering of the other flavours, make it seem like that.

6. Several Photo Op spots – If you’re constantly looking for nice places to click pics to upload on your social media, then Arbour has it’s signs at strategic places for you to click some amaze pics.

So when are you heading to Arbour, Pune?


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